Doing Business In Shenzhen

Four decades ago, Shenzhen was just a small fishing village near Hong Kong. In 1979 Deng Xiaoping designated the city the country's first Special Economic Zone, opening the region up to capitalism and foreign investment to fuel its development..
You can use the Shenzhen to Hong Kong Cross-Border Transfer.

The amazing transformation of the city from a fishing hub to an electronics manufacturing kingdom isn't lost on the country's inhabitants. In Shenzhen, You will find an extensive collection of manufacturers. you can use Chinese audio and video files translations.
If you travel Shenzhen to do business with suppliers and manufacturers, you can visit the factories and see conditions for yourself. While Shenzhen is home to many electronic products it is mainly known for being the production hub of the iPhone. If you go to a factory and you can’t meet and have dinner with the boss, that factory is too big for you. You want a supplier that has that level of access and personability. You want to be able to talk directly to the manager, explain you're requirements, look around, sit in the tooling shop. You want them to believe in you (and you in them), as a partnership, as a co-investor.”.

Shenzhen is China 'Silicon Valley,' is now making it easier for foreign startups to incorporate there.

For those of you who are visiting China from an English speaking country, please be reminded that most of the population here in China don’t speak English and the language barrier can be a real issue. Understanding Chinese is not a must, but it will make everything more difficult for the communication between your clients and suppliers will be not smooth. Even if you have a brilliant business idea, it is doomed to fail if you cannot execute it due to poor communication.

Choosing locations for a new business in China is a bit like driving off a cliff for foreigners. Shanghai seems to top most people’s list these days, followed closely by Beijing, though that distance appears to be growing. But after that, it’s pretty much a desert out there, albeit one populated by hundreds of millions of residents in China’s many second- and third-tier cities. That may be changing, some observers say, though healthy alternatives will still take some time to emerge.

For international traders- The Canton Fair is the most important Import/Export fair in the World. Inaugurated in 1957, the event has become very famous thenceforth. Gathering 156,000 importers each year, the show is now a reference in the World of international business.

Many of the factories are small, family-owned entities operating without government approval. As they worked together, they realized they could do more than just supply parts that ended up in name-brand hardware. They could create competitive products on their own, and reach customers who cannot afford to buy a Nokia phone or Apple iPod, said Lindtner.
You can use the services of a nice Shenzhen tour guide.

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